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The office of the Director is open from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9.00 a.m. To 2.00 p.m on Saturdays.
For trainees without private accommodation around Nairobi, hostels are readily available.
Ngara Men's Hostel (Ngara) Kshs. 15,500/= per term. No deposit. Trainees must bring personal effects such as beddings, a plate, a cup and a padlock.

New Bereri ladies Hostel - Ngara:- Kshs. 14,700/= per term plus Kshs 1,500/= deposit and Kshs. 300/= for Registration.

Other requirements include:-

  1. Beddings (no mattress)
  2. Lockable bags / Suitcase.
  3. A basin & a bucket.
  4. 2 plates, 2 spoons and a cup.
  5. Other personal effects ( e.g. Sandals, towels etc)
Monday to Friday - Breakfast and Supper provided. No lunch. Weekends and Public Holidays - All meals provided i.e. Breakfast, Lunch and supper.
Payment of Hostel Fees:
Hotel fees as quoted above exclude College fees
In areas where industrial attachment is deemed necessary our office maps out strategies to ensure attachment for the concerned trainees. This is especially true of Hotel & Catering, Tours & Travel, Clearing & Forwarding, Journalism and Tour Guiding.
KCC & H assists successful trainees by appealing to potential employers. There are cases where employers have approached us to provide ready manpower, a situation we have responded to by calling on our immediate graduates or deploying our finalists. We are flexible enough to allow our part-time students to pursue their training programme and at the same time living to the expectations of their employers

These are geared towards improving knowledge and performance. All trainees must take part. Study tours are paid for separately. The director of training releases circulars allowing trainees ample time to raise the money required
Medical Care:
Contact Medibaw Medical Clinic (Manana Evans O.K)
KCB Building - Jogoo Road, Block B / 6E
Tel: (020) 2012809.
Mobile: 0733 761888.

NB. Present your student ID card to receive immediate attention at subsidized rate.
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